Visual & Web design/development


VVM’63 is the volleybal association in my hometown Monnickendam. I’ve played Volleyball for a long time there and while I was doing volunteer work as Secretary, i’ve updated the branding and website, along with all communications.

The goal for VVM’63 was to attract new members for the association, and especially teenagers and younger people.


Volunteer Secretary / Web-master


Rebranding containing; new designs for play outfits, website, folders and communications such as mail.



Organisation goals

  • Be more relevant for younger target groups
  • Update website and make information easy accessible
  • Make the communication more as a whole

Offline, first touch-point

Looking through the loop of a Service Design approach, the first thing I could see is to start with offline. The moment where it happens and where people see the association; The volleyball games. A redesign of the play outfits was to make people curious and lift up the mental awareness.

Push online with flyers and folders

A lot of events where happening, such as tournaments or internal days. Therefore, flyers and folder where a great offline channel to spreadout the new branding and create awareness.

A new, responsive website

As the target group was mostly visiting on mobile and the old website wasn’t responsive, this was a no brainer for me; the new website has to be perfect on mobile.

Aside to this, I wanted the website to be the center point of communications and be as relevant as possible to the members and visitors. Therefore, I’ve integrated the website with the Nevobo platform (the overall volleyball organisation of the Netherlands). This integration automatically generates all game related statistics, for specific teams. The awareness and clarity on the next plays, previous play results and leaderboards where up to date at all times.

Consistent communication

As a last thing to do is align all internal communication to the new design, because consistency is key. Therefore, I’ve created templates for emails which the association can use, all reachable via the new website.

Tools/processes used in this project

WordPress CMS
To create the website

To customize the website

A camera
To shoot nice pictures

Adobe Photoshop
To edit photo’s

Adobe Illustrator
To create new artworks

Adobe Indesign
To create press related items