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KPN Online

KPN is a supplier of telecommunications and IT services. The company offers consumers and business parties mobile telephony, internet and television in it at home and abroad.

Within KPN there is a department called Online, including the domain The environment in which users use their being able to renew your mobile subscription is called “the retention shop”. My project is mainly about this environment.


UX Designer – Graduation project


Design Thinking, User Research, Market Research, Concept Creation, Wireframing, High fidelity designs, Interactive prototype, User testing & Reporting



The project & me

This project is about a redesign of the retention environment of KPN. I started with a briefing from KPN and began doing research. I did User Research, market research and tons of other research to strengthen my knowledge. Based on this research, I confirmed real user problems and created a concept and several prototypes to solve these problems. In the whole process, multiple users tests were held to gain feedback from real users.



During this assignment, I have created a concept based on research, several interactive prototypes which have been used to tests with, a design rationale containing all my design choices and a documentation about my progress.

At the end, KPN gained a proven concept ready for action.

Research phase

The outcome of user research

  • Users have doubts when picking a new mobile phone or subscription
  • Users miss any support with making a choice
  • Users look at device, subscription and pricing when renewing their subscription
  • Data shows when users have been in contact with KPN, retention conversion goes up

The user problem

Mobile users with a subscription who are renewable have doubts with choosing a new subscription. With a lot of choices, the users wants to make a decision without having regrets. To make this decision, he or she expects to be supported by KPN.

Ideation phase

From ideation to first concept

Based on research the userproblem was defined. With this as input, I’ve created a concept to solve the userproblem. I usually start with sketching and then create a low fidelity prototype. With this prototype, I could run some usertests to gain valuable feedback in order to improve the concept.


After the low fidelity prototype has been testen with real users I could start iterating. Feedback, conclusions and then redesign or adjust the design. Next step was to create high fidelity designs so testing could be applied on a detailed level.

Validation phase

Testing with users

After some iterations I reached a 1.0 version of the prototype which is made in Invision. This clickable prototype can be used to test with, to pitch with or just to showcase the concept. Why not try it yourself?

Documents & Tools

Research report

Go in some depth of my design decisions and read all about my research in this document. The report contains raw research, user interviews, user tests, design concepts, iterations and choices and much more.

Tools used in this project

To wireframe quickly

To create designs

To prototype designs

To analyse user behavior

To hand-over designs to development

To create and design my report