UX Research

Jumbo – Online store

Jumbo is one of the biggest grocery stores in the Netherlands and are aiming to become the leader in online groceries within Benelux.

As this was a project during my job at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, the company has been asked to do UX research about the customer journey and come with insights.


UX Designer


UX Research, Diary Study Raw material, Customer Journey map & Recommendations



Research preparations

Diary Study method

The way we asked the daily routine of a key point in this research. Because of this, we set several requirements;

  • We need enough context of every key point
  • The questionnaire needed to be fast and easy to complete
  • We needed to capture an emotional level as well.
  • The data needed to be easy to store and collect

Collecting data

We used the tool Typeform to collect data as this was easy to use and it required a small amount of effort of the user.
To be consistent, we created a template of questions to guide the user in filling in what they experienced.

This way we could scale up to as many users as possible.

Conduct research

With the Diary Study method we monitored the participants for a period of time and collected all data accordingly. Any situation was brought to light. After collecting the raw data we structured the data for review.

The structured data from the Diary Study was made into customer journey map, to visualise what the user journey is.

Analysis phase


After thorough analysis of the journey map, we’ve stated out some recommendations for improvement (not all recommendations are shared here).

  • Negative emotions around cart page and checkout pages, start doing research on these pages to improve the UX
  • Orientation phase is rather under performing, start doing research on improvements
  • Try to improve overall User Experience by optimising the end point of the journey (Peak-End Rule, behaviour design principles).

Tools/processes used in this project

Microsoft Word
To quickly write things down

To capture user input

To create the customer journey map