Web Design & Development


Harcotom is a family-based company in Purmerend that specializes themselves in the sale and production of materials and storage in plastic, tin and steel packaging.


Web Designer, Front-End developer & Project manager


Website/Webshop redesign, High quality product photo’s & New webshop in CMS Joomla



The project & me

Harcotom wanted to improve their digital environment, as the current website was quite old fashioned. I helped Harcotom transfer to a new webshop.

As this was the first project of the company 2PM Agency (my former start-up), I functioned as a Project Manager, Web Designer and Front-end Developer all at once.


Within this project, I have created a strategy & project planning, a new webshop design in the CMS Joomla & new high quality/3D pictures from all products (over 9000 pictures). Together with a team mate, we have worked to realise the webshop in a new CMS.

At the end, Harcotom received a brand new and tailored webshop with quotation functions.

Project context

Project requirements

  • Users need to be able to request a quotation for a specific product
  • Users need to be able to find and select a product with the least possible amount of interactions
  • All products need to have at least three high quality photo’s available
  • Project information needs to be editable by the company employees

Business goal

The goal for Harcotom was to generate more sales and allow the customers to specifically search for their exact need from anywhere within the website, right from the start.

A new, tailored website

With a new website that was rebuild through a concepting face, fresh pictures to go with the new look of all products, as well as build in functions to serve the set goal, in generating more conversion for their customers, a new website was build for Harcotom back in 2013.


Harcotom experienced daily quotation requests and saw their business goal ‘Sales through quotation’ grow. Today (march 2020) the website is still being used.

Tools/processes used in this project

Adobe Photoshop
To create website designs and edit new photo’s

To create high quality product photo’s

Adobe illustrator
To create vector elements

To write code & style

Joomla CMS
To build and manage the website in

To organize and plan the project