G-Star Raw

DTP / Illustration / Graphic

G-Star Raw

For a year, I’ve worked at the fashion brand G-Star Raw. In the beautiful headquarters, I fulfilled the role as a Technical Styling Illustrator. In a huge process of the fashion industry, my responsibility was to create digital illustrations which are used for production.


Technical Styling Illustrator


DTP, Graphic Design, creating multi layered digital drawings of clothing



The project & me

In this year, I’ve been part of a small team (around 15 people) who each had a separate department. My department was Men Denim. In a busy environment, with international colleagues, I had to manage the work of the Men Denim department. Along the way I kept on innovating to speed-up my workflow and successfully created some workflows, which helped all other departments as well.


The stylist creates his/her sketches. The sketches are communicated towards the Technical Styling Illustrator and then a digital illustration is made. In Adobe Illustrator, I’ve created multilayered illustrations. A base layer with the clothing itself, a detail layer for all kinds of artwork, a production layer which passes on all information needed and lastly a colouring layer which brings the illustration to live.

From sketches to illustrations

Every detail included

Ready for production

Tools/processes used in this project

Adobe Illustrator
To create technical drawings

To create fabrics

To speed up the process