Drukkerij van Tuijl

Webdesign & development

Drukkerij van Tuijl

Drukkerij Van Tuijl is a “one stop shopping company”. One address, one point of contact and one complete product. They provide both commercial printing for the business market and family printing for the private market. From short runs to large printed matter. From business cards, folders to canvas prints.



Web Designer & Developer


New website according to brand guidelines, Social media assets



The project & me

Drukkerij van Tuijl was running a fairly old website. While they just launched their new branding, I was asked to create a new website for them. The main goal was to create a responsive website that provides ways for new visitors and existing clients to contact the company or to request a quotation.

In addition, existing clients needed to be able to manage their stocks and be able to request a re-fill in stock.



This project is made in the CMS framework of WordPress and integrated with Google Analytics. The website has several target groups with each their own goal, which results in custom made functionalities.

At the end, Drukkerij van Tuijl gained a functional and responsive website for new visitors and existing clients.

Context of the project

Business requirements

  • New visitors need to be able to see what Drukkerij van Tuijl can do
  • New visitors need to be able to request a generic, and specific quotation
  • Existing users need to have their own account page where they can see their current stock
  • Existing users need to have their own account page where they can request re-fill in stock
  • Existing users need to have their own account page where they can call in their products

User requirements

New visitors want to be able to get to know Drukkerij van Tuijl and see the possibilites, request a quotation, on either desktop and mobile.

Existing clients want to have their own account page where they can see their product stock, call in multiple product at the same time or re-fill multiple product stocks.


New visitors environment

The new website contains 4 core pages to trigger the user into reaching the contact form. A homepage to introduce the company and services, an about page to tell the story and convince the user, a service page to explain the services and inspire the visitor and a contact page where visitors can reach out or request a quotation.

Client environment

The client environment contains an account page, where users get an overview of their account and products. An integration with Woocommerce to be able to order from the current stock and a page where users can re-fill their stock values.

Tools/processes used in this project

To create designs

Adobe Photoshop
To edit photo’s

To build the website in

To analyse user behavior

Google Analytics
To analyse behavior

To create custom components